Remotely Monitored CCTV

360 Security Services is a specialist provider of unique Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems, with systems installed throughout the UK. We store 100% of our images in the “Cloud”, so even if vandals or intruders try to damage or destroy the equipment, our engineers can still provide good quality images of the intruders, historic CCTV recordings and a response to your premises will have been activated.

We can provide temporary Remotely Monitored CCTV systems from as little as £120 per week, generally taking less than an hour to install. We can add on to your existing CCTV installations or can work independently. Providing a significantly cheaper option than Mobile Patrols or permanent Security Guards. The systems are ideal for securing construction sites, vacant properties and residential sites.

Working closely with the combination of CCTV Operatives from our 24hr Control Centre and response drivers we can provide remote monitoring solutions that link CCTV systems directly to professionally trained staff allowing round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of premises.

Our systems can also be integrated with fire panels, access control, intruder alarms, smoke and heat detectors, thereby helping to reduce costs and through technology improving security.

Cost Effective 24 Hour Security
From £120 per week* you can secure your property 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

Save from £2,000 per month* on the cost of a permanent Security Guard.
Compared to Mobile Patrols
Vandals and Intruders rarely attack a site at the same time every day. If they have any sense they wait for the Patrol Car to pass then know they have a wide window during which the property will be unprotected.

For the equivalent cost of 2 Patrols per day, your site can be monitored during the times that you choose (up to 24 hours a day). A rapid response vehicle will be dispatched if your CCTV Cameras are activated and our Control Room can monitor the building whilst calling the Police until the Rapid Response Team arrive.

Our controllers can even talk to your intruders through our system if you choose!!!!
Added Benefits
  • No need to provide Welfare Facilities
  • Doors and Entry Systems can also be opened remotely
  • Better chance of Prosecution /Detection of trespassers
  • Discounts available if used in conjunction with Security Guards During the Day
  • Systems can be used to confirm the arrival times of all contractors and employees
  • Systems can be installed in under an hour
  • Reduce your insurance premiums
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